18 Marzo 2018 is the date of the change and of the new evolution.
We met us at an event or in a stand for 10 years, but now everything is changed: less fairs, less events but a meeting place with our customers.
Il Giardino di Wolfy changes name and logo in Wolfy e Jordy – Italian Artisans, and the workshop completes this transition: after years of traveling all over Europe, now we have a shop with a workshop where our customers can come to visit us without waiting the fairs.
A place where we can receive you, show our products, listen to your request and craft more comfortably even for resellers.

But what about Wolfy and Jordy?

I have always loved giving life to new things, creating with my hands, since I was a child.
Embroidery, drawing, modeling have always been my passions and hobbies. I also involved Jordy and this job passionate him so much that we decided to make it our job.
Leaving offices and endless queues to get to work, to take refuge in our “Magical World”.
We refined the techniques and took “different paths”.
While Jordy works the leather, increasing his working skills, I dedicate myself to modeling and drawing; the common denominator is the love for the Fantasy World, the Game in all its faces, Celtic and Norse culture. These are also our inspirations for what we create.
We decide to “introduce ourselves to the public” with our names, Wolfy and Jordy, to make the relationship with our customers more familiar.
Our wish?
Help you make your dreams come true!

“A couple of artisans “as it once was”, dedicated for years to rigorously producing their products by hand.”
This is how a journalistic head describes us and we love to call ourselves “Artisans for Love”.
We took the passion for the Fantasy world and re-enactments and we made it our job. Starting by “game” on the living room table more than 10 years ago, with fabric and needle and modeling clay.
Over the years we have studied, refined and researched until 2018 when we open our workshop with a sales point and offer increasingly modern creations, without losing their “ancient” charm.
Our creations are made with different materials: leather, wood and resin; with various techniques: engraving, pyrography, laser engraving.
Our flagship product are diaries and notebooks, covered in leather or wood, with pyrography, engraving or burin designs; customizable with names, writings, logos or own designs. Then there are Dragon Duille, our jeweled dragon, all unique pieces, bags, belts and even leather armor, paintings and wooden objects decorated with pyrography.
We have also a new line of resin “Neverending Life” jewelry, for lovers of the gothic and dark world.
Finally we make favors for your important events, which we can embellish with themed scenography.