What better gift can you give than a personalized item?
It is the best possible gift for two simple reasons:
– those who receive it know that you have thought and reasoned carefully looking for something particular and curious that fits on their tastes and passions
– you are giving to this person a unique and unrepeatable object, an object that only he / she can own and no one else
Having said that, we offer the public the opportunity to customize any type of gift: a notebook, a candle, a plaque, a bracelet ….. any object you decide to create, it will be our concern and care to suggest and guide you in order to get to the perfect gift 🙂
And if you have a particular idea, do not be afraid to submit it to us, even if you are looking for something that you do not see in the store, this does not mean that it cannot be realized, on the contrary … we are at your side to advise you and help you in the choice of materials , colors and finishes that serve to make your idea real!
Below you will find a small gallery of images with some of the latest works we have made on your commissions …. take a look, who knows if you don’t have any ideas 😉